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Rescue Exercise with SAER

Marsaglia (Italy)

Rescue Exercise with SAER

SAER, the Rescue Alpine body of Emilia Romagna have a chance to test the LokHead Pauer Hauler, Rigging Winch 500 and LokHead Winch Kit, some of the Harken Industrial products dedicated to rescue.

Bern (Switzerland)

Rescue Evacuation

Simulation of a rescue evacuation from the roof of an 80m high building.
For this exercise, the LokHead Pauer Hauler connected to a tripod system and stretcher was used to move people from the roof to the ground on a stretcher.

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Rescue Evacuation in Bern

Caldes - Val di Sole (Italy)

Rescue Congress

Rescue Congress is an event organized by Rescue Project with the aim of transferring a series of theoretical and practical information on how to best conduct relief in an impervious environment.
Harken Industrial attended the event and exhibited its range of products dedicated to rescue.
Some of them including the LokHead Winch Kit installed on Tellumount was used for a maxi emergency simulation on the river.

Montserrat (Spain)

Rescue Demo

with GRAE

In collaboration with the local distributor Novulner, the catalunyan unit of Bombers GRAE have a chance to test Harken Industrial products.
Rescue simulations were carried out in the spectacular area of Montserrat, close to Barcelona.

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Rescue Demo in Montserrat

Mosbach (Germany)

ECMS Academy

SRHT Symposium

The Harken Industrial team partecipated and exhibited at the ECMS Academy Special Rescue for Heights and Depth 2019 rope rescue conference.

The event took place in Mosbach, Germany.
Participants from Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and Poland was present with aim to improve the rope rescue performance by sharing expertise and networking.

Pro Team - Logo
Massimo Camnasio

Massimo Camnasio

Rescue, Rope Access

He has been working as a Rope Access Technician for more than 18 years and is extremely passionate about the industry. He is an IRATA Level 3, SPRAT certified, and…

Martin Berner

Martin Berner

Rescue, Rope Access

Graduated as a Technical Engineer and is a Mountain Guide IVBV, Ski Instructor and Rope Access Level 3.

Francesco Valgoi

Francesco Valgoi

Rescue, Rope Access

In 2011 he became a Technical Instructor working for an Italian mountain rescue team. He has a strong background in industrial rope access.

Cervinia - Gressoney (Italy)


Trophy 2019

Harken Industrial™ is an official sponsor of the 2019 Mezzalama Trophy.

The collaboration with the historic ski mountaineering competition is an important one for Harken Industrial, as we gain greater involvement with the design and development of products dedicated to mountain rescue.



11th April 2019


Trofeo Mezzalama Partnership
28th April 2019


ECMS Academy SRHT Symposium
23 – 25th May 2019

Rescue Congress
15th – 16th June 2019


25th June 2019

August 2019

ICAR annual meeting
9-12 October 2019


November 2019

November 2019

InterSchutz Trade Show
15th – 20th June 2020




Harken Industrial products are designed specifically for professionals working in Rope Access and Rescue, Commercial Marine, Arboriculture and other Safety-at- Height occupations.
We excel at manipulating rope under tension to move loads and people by designing, engineering and manufacturing a wide range of efficient, durable, lightweight load-handling and safe access solutions.

Based on more than 50 years of experience being at the forefront of sailboat hardware, Harken Industrial™ understands the need for simple-to-use equipment when working in challenging environments, whether it’s carrying out maintenance on building exteriors or a rescue.

Rope-access and load-handling equipment from Harken Industrial has been designed in collaboration with field-experienced experts to improve safety and enhance productivity.

Our apparatus includes the revolutionary Harken Industrial PowerSeat® ascender for work positioning and casualty recovery, winches for lifting and lowering in extreme situations, and our Access Rail systems for fall protection and certified rope access.